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    The First Cruise Ship with Liquefied Petroleum Gas – MEIKO is on Board

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    She's long – 337 meters, to be exact. And she's big, with 2,600 cabins that accommodate up to 6,600 passengers. But her environmental footprint is surprisingly small, even earning praise from the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Association (NABU). We are talking about the AIDAnova, the newest cruise ship in use by the Rostock-based shipping company Aida Cruises. The colossus was christened in Papenburg in 2018 during a big celebration with 25,000 guests, including star DJ David Guetta. What makes AIDAnova unique is that she is the world's first cruise ship to run on low-emission liquefied natural gas (LNG). NABU has praised the move and hopes that this first step towards reducing pollutants will provide an impetus for the entire industry as well as merchant shipping. Because of this innovation, the conversation association anchored the AIDAnova in first place in its environmental rankings.

    MEIKO also offers congratulations, because we take care of the cleanliness of the dishwashing area on the seven seas. And that proud accomplishment on the AIDAnova is achieved using 73 machines of all sizes. Warewashing technology also makes a crucial contribution to sustainable resource use, especially since on board every drop of water counts. Warewashing technology faces unique conditions in this environment, from changing sea conditions, to the need for extreme economy, up to the strictest hygiene regulations. During a long journey at sea, the dishes of thousands of passengers pass through the dishwashing area, which becomes a key hazard in terms of hygiene. MEIKO has racked up decades of experience and become an integral part of the marine industry. When holiday makers set sail to explore the world, MEIKO is usually involved, ensuring safe and uncompromising cleanliness behind the scenes. On the AIDAnova as well – Cast off!