The clean solution

Professionals at work – across the world

When the professionals do the cleaning, they don't stop at ‘hygienically clean:’ it has to be efficient, ergonomic and sustainable. That is MEIKO's standard. And our global network enables us to make every corner of the world cleaner.
Water Splash MEIKO

Passion for quality and cleanliness

We started out 90 years ago in a garage in the Black Forest – now we operate all over the world. Our professional solutions for warewashing, cleaning and disinfection are well received. So well received that, for a long time now, we have not been able to satisfy global demand from our Offenburg facility alone. We are close to our customers and markets. The unifying force behind our production sites in Germany, China and the USA is the MEIKO passion for outstanding quality. You can recognise it by the curved M which stands for ‘Made by MEIKO’. That guarantees a clean solution for our customers  – every time. Anywhere in the world.
Our widespread network of MEIKO and service partner locations means we can offer the right service or service package 24 hours a day. The customer comes first.

employees from over 100 Nations work at MEIKO
states Work with MEIKO technology
active patents from MEIKO worldwide
tons stainless steel manufactured since 1988

Company address
MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG and
MEIKO GREEN Waste Solutions GmbH
Englerstr. 3, 77652 Offenburg, Germany 

1927 MEIKO Maschinenbau in Offenburg, Germany
2018 MEIKO GREEN Waste Solutions in Offenburg, Germany

Ing. Oskar Meier, Franz Konrad 

Oskar and Rosel Meier Foundation 

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Peukert

1,200 in Offenburg, 2,600 Group-wide 

339 million euros

Production focus
warewashers for commercial clients ranging from small dishwashers to the biggest wash-up system in the world,
cleaning and disinfection equipment for hospitals and care homes,
professional food waste disposal systems for the gastronomy, hotel and community catering industry

All these figures are for 2021