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Comprehensive training options

We have been delivering hygiene, cleanliness and sparkling results for over 90 years – and we have accumulated a wealth of expertise in that time. MEIKO ACTIVE gives you access to this expertise: the MEIKO Academy enables us to share our knowledge with you directly. We will turn you and your staff into experts by showing you how to manage the warewashing process in a cost-effective and hygienic manner. And that’s just the start of what we have to offer with regard to training.

Order monitoring for cleaning agents

The only way to achieve sparkling glasses and perfectly polished cutlery is to select the right cleaning agents and ensure precise dosing. We take care of both tasks on your behalf. And you don’t need to worry about running out either – thanks to our clever order monitoring system. Your machine will let you know if something is running low so that you can order more stock in plenty of time and avoid any hold-ups.

Optimising cleaning agents

Your business, your warewashing technology, your chemical products! So simple and yet so fundamental – finding the right combination of machine, water conditions and cleaning agents is the only way to achieve and maintain perfect results. We will bring all of these factors together and tailor them to your needs, allowing you to exploit the full potential of your dishwashing area and maximise the benefits for your patrons, your warewashing technology and your wallet.

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Smart maintenance and inspection packages

Having problems with your washing results? Then there’s no time to lose! The hard truth: without warewashing, business will grind to a halt. But we won’t let it get to that stage. Our maintenance work and inspections will keep your machines match-fit for many years. MEIKO ACTIVE solves problems before they even arise. And if things do go wrong, we will be there to help. Smart and speedy – the machine itself knows what needs fixing and will be ready for operation again in no time.

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Expert advice on dishwashing areas

We know better than anyone that no two kitchens are the same, that every millimetre counts and that warewashing is a tough job. Get the planning of the dishwashing area right and you have laid the foundation for perfect washing results.
This expertise makes a real difference later on. A carefully thought-out dishwashing area results in short working distances and highly ergonomic conditions, reduces operating costs, protects staff health and ensures hygiene safety.

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Keeping track of hygiene data

A brilliant shine is one thing but hygiene is another entirely, and today it is more important than ever. As the operator, you are responsible for the safety of your patrons – and you can rely on MEIKO ACTIVE to help you in a number of ways. For example, all operational and hygiene data on your warewashing processes can be called up at any time. Communication between people and machines must be simple, and we speak the language of our technology.


It makes sense to have a one-stop provider.

Are you familiar with Sinner's circle? It is at the heart of every wash cycle.
Time, mechanical action, temperature and chemicals: these four factors determine your washing results. Change one, and you change them all.
We need to keep the whole process in mind to provide you with perfect, sparkling results.
We are your one-stop provider – and that includes your chemical products.

You see, washing results rise and fall on the choice and dosing of chemical products. With 90 years of experience, we know this to be true.

MEIKO ACTIVE service packages


When you choose MEIKO ACTIVE, you will receive the Basic package automatically.

Now your company will be able to rely on premium technology, top service and highly effective cleaning agents.
Whatever you need, we are here to help.



Looking for a bit more? MEIKO ACTIVE Advanced offers extra attractive services and staff training with real added value.

This allows you to get even more out of our partnership and supplements the benefits that you get from the MEIKO ACTIVE Basic package.



The all-inclusive option. MEIKO ACTIVE Complete goes one step further and includes all of our broad range of services in the following categories: chemical products, technical service, the Academy and consulting.

Choose not to compromise and make your dishwashing area future-proof. Everything from one source and with full cost transparency.


Join the MEIKO ACTIVE community and benefit from a range of services covering machines, technical service and chemical products. Three packages, one solution and full cost transparency – all from a single source.

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It's all in the canister

Nothing is closer to your diners than their dishes. There can be no compromise here. That is the job of your warewashing technology, along with perfectly paired cleaning agents. Minimise operating costs, maximise hygiene and shine – with the right selection and dosing, practically anything is possible. There are a few factors to bear in mind here.

What is the water quality like? What materials are being washed? What residues or level of dirt are involved? Aluminium utensils or fine wine glasses – it makes a huge difference. The wrong choice costs money, damages the materials and produces poor results.

Not forgetting: highly active detergents should be tough on dirt, bind lime and ensure hygiene, as well as be gentle on the materials and the environment.

That is why our approach is: as little as possible but as much as necessary. Optimum quality, the right product for your needs and the correct dosing, determined by experts.

So what is in the canister? Most importantly: more than 90 years of experience in warewashing. Experience that you can rely on.


We avoid using chlorine and phosphates as far as possible across the MEIKO ACTIVE portfolio, and we do not use EDTA or NTA as substitutes in any of our products. The environment will thank you and our highly effective active ingredients still ensure sparkling results. Perfect!


Are you looking for the right chemical products for your warewashing technology?
Whether you have a complex warewashing system or a small glasswasher, MEIKO ACTIVE provides tailored cleaning agents to get the best from your warewashing technology.
Did you know that your choice of cleaning agents has a direct impact on both the washing results and your operating costs?
Choosing and dosing your cleaning agents correctly is key to getting the right washing results and can impact operating costs. Solid, liquid and soak detergents, as well as more besides! Find what you are looking for with MEIKO ACTIVE.
Mixed dishes, fine wine glasses, floors, surfaces and more – you likely have many needs for your cleaning agents to fulfil.
The MEIKO ACTIVE portfolio is as varied as the food service industry itself! The wash is influenced by the washware materials, water conditions, substances to be removed and much more. But we are confident: we have the right solution to achieve a sparkling shine and hygiene safety in any scenario.
Are you looking for products to provide hygiene and shine outside of the warewashing technology, perhaps for easily damaged surfaces?
Cleanliness and hygiene are the top priority in commercial kitchens. And that goes for floors and surfaces, too – MEIKO ACTIVE offers several all-round products that you can trust in your kitchen.
Does your kitchen gather washware made from several different materials?
From silver cutlery to plastic cups and aluminium to the finest glassware, not to mention ceramic hobs – kitchens contain all kinds of materials. MEIKO ACTIVE means: shine and hygiene for all material types, tailored and reliable.
Do you value the environment and sustainability highly in your warewashing?
We do, too! Our cleaning agents carry the coveted EU Ecolabel, which certifies their effectiveness, packaging and contents. All without compromising on cleaning action.
Fighting stubborn tea and coffee residues?
No problem – MEIKO ACTIVE provides specialist detergents to achieve that flawless, like-new shine, even when residues are extra tough.
Do your cutlery and dishes sometimes stand for a while, meaning you then have to fight stubborn, dried-on residues?
The longer residues dry for, the harder they are to remove. With MEIKO ACTIVE, you can find the right cleaning agents to make short work of these problem residues.
Durable plastics can help us to protect the environment. But what do the cleaning agents need to achieve to make this viable?
The difficulty with washing reusable cups lies in drying them so that they can be stored hygienically. Specialist cleaning agents are also needed for plastic cutlery, dishes, plate covers and trays. Our specially developed detergent and rinse aid will get your washware bone dry.
What if you could use your sparkling glasses and decorations for longer because glass corrosion was no longer a problem?
In food service, glasses are both your calling card and a major cost factor – we make sure that your glasses and glass decorations shine like new even when they are old.
Do ointment residues remain on your care utensils?
You can trust our highly effective cleaning agents to reliably remove ointment residues – leaving you with clean and hygienic washware.
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