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M-iQ – conveyor dishwasher

The future of warewashing

rack type dishwashing machine M-iQ

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The future of dishwashing with MEIKO M-iQ
The catering dishwasher M-iQ

Smart, speedy, simple:

take your dishwashing area digital with MEIKO Connect

Right now with MEIKO Connect – find out more with just one click. Connect your dishwashing machine to your smartphone and get immediate read outs of machine and hygiene data. Convenient and reliable.

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Die neue App von MEIKO
App MEIKO Connect

New app for commercial dishwashers. For more transparency in your commercial kitchen. All relevant information now on your smartphone – simple and convenient.

M-iQ energy concept EN
Energy concept

Heat recovery is active throughout all of the M-iQ's processes. This heat is channeled back into the system and using our innovative distribution. Thanks to its special, dynamically adaptable design, the M-iQ makes carefully metered use of valuable energy. That means lower energy costs, as well as consistently good climate conditions in the pot wash area.

M-iQ AirComfort drying

Equalisation vents separate the air flows used in the M-iQ's drying process from the wash area – that is the AirComfort concept. This produces superior drying results and makes optimum savings on valuable energy at every stage of the process. It also provides the highest levels of convenience at the unloadworkstation.

GreenEye filter M-iQ
M-iQ Filter

The M-iQ's ingenious filter system is central. Food waste

is actively removed during the wash process, saving

huge amounts of detergent and water without detracting

from the high performance clean.

Inlet cleaning of the M-iQ

MEIKO works hygienically right from the infeed: food waste is automatically washed off at regular intervals using a powerful blast of water. It's like a huge, purifying waterfall.


Cool: the flow of heat is diverted, the hot steam and vapour cool down –
and that allows the M-iQ to harvest more energy for warewashing.


Even in container mode, we guarantee perfect results, optimum energy efficiency and low running costs at all times. It is the equalisation vents inside the M-iQ that make this happen: swirling air currents are equalised by the additional air supply. Optimum conditions and first-class drying on containers, too.

Europapark Hotel Bellrock
Awards & prizes
5 star quality in all categories: atmosphere, service and warewashing.

We don't like to boast. So we'd rather let others review and assess our technology. Speaking of which, we have a long list of prizes and awards. Why not have a look for yourself? We'll be off to develop, tinker and improve some more. See you at the next awards ceremony!

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GruenesBand Award sustainability
Tophotel StarAward Innovation
CateringStar in silver
TopHotel STAR AWARD technology

GreenCoach Always on the right track

GreenCoach displays a green light to show which lanes should be loaded at the feed point. That is the finishing touch on the M-iQ's optimisation masterpiece.

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GreenEye filter M-iQ
Remain in harmony with the environment

The centrepiece of the M-iQ design is the M-iQ filter. This filter system pulls off an amazing feat by achieving optimum cleanliness with significantly reduced water and detergent consumption. It does this by actively removing filtered food waste from the warewashing process. The filter collects the food residue from the water and periodically washes it out of the tank – with no need for any additional water. A pure, perfect cleanliness – the hallmark of the M-iQ.

GreenEye energy concept M-iQ
Energy like never before

All the processes in the M-iQ are designed to recover heat and channel it back into the system through an innovative energy management process. Thanks to its special, dynamically adaptable design, the M-iQ makes carefully metered use of valuable energy. That means lower energy costs, as well as consistently good climate conditions in the pot wash area.

the industrial warewasher M-iQ
Squeaky clean practically by magic thanks to the blue use concept

After a long day of warewashing, the M-iQ simply uses the water already in the tank to clean itself. Filling the rinse-aid pump system just once enables the M-iQ filter to remove all the dirt from the machine. This takes place as long as the machine is pumped out. Now it is just those few areas clearly marked in blue that need a manual clean. Even that is improved by the automatic prewash – it is more convenient and thorough, and importantly also quicker and more reliable than ever before.

wash dynamics M-iQ
30% improved wash performance

MEIKO was already famous for its high wash performance and that has been further optimised and considerably improved for the M-iQ. Its dynamic wash cycles achieve hitherto impossible performance and efficiency: full cleaning power using a third less energy and resources. A clean solution.

GreenFilter M-iQ

We strive for perfection every day. That's why our engineers have developed a completely unprecedented additional level of filtration: the GreenFilter. This actively removes even the tiniest particles of dirt from the dishwashing machine, achieving unparalleled levels of cleanliness. GreenEye Technology® reduces detergent, rinse aid and energy costs to a minimum by only using what is truly needed at each stage in the wash process.

GreenEye synergies M-iQ

The M-iQ with its revolutionary GreenEye Technology® creates new synergies between man and machine. The warewashing process is constantly being further optimised through higher levels of transparency and dynamism. The result is an unparalleled level of efficiency and optimum capacity utilisation. GreenEye Technology ® monitors everything and has it all under control. That's a green light for a cleaner and more economical future!

flight type dishwasher M-iQ
CC Touch

Integrated system diagnostics provide the perfect overview. The dynamic process bar and dedicated status display clearly show you when all the machine's functions are ready for action. As well as communicating key process data, the display also draws the user's attention to any deviations or discrepancies. Even when it's up and running, the M-iQ is continuously checking all its systems and functions to ensure maximum hygiene and reliability at all times

CC Insight M-iQ
CC Insight

The extended CC Insight software module with economy management records consumption in graphs or tables – this allows the individual operating phases and machine capacity utilisation to be evaluated and optimised reliably.

M-iQ. High-IQ warewashing – intelligent access to all the data you need.