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M-iQ flight type dishwasher for Hilton Milan

Hotel Hilton Milan

The Hilton Milan is the perfect base for discovering the exciting and sophisticated city of Milan. Located just one block from the central station and two kilometres from numerous attractions, the hotel is in an ideal location.

Paolo Ghirardi, Executive Chef at Hilton Milan, has been with the company for 13 years. He first came across the world of MEIKO when he was leafing through a trade journal – and his initial impression was extremely positive.

“When I contacted MEIKO Italia, I immediately got the impression that I was dealing with a professional team, with a corporate vision focused on dishwashing excellence,” says Ghirardi. “The very fact that they were promoting an area that has previously been largely ignored really got me thinking; in a hotel chain like ours the way you organise things is key, so it makes sense that running the wash-up operations in a precise way would also deliver significant added value.”

“The main reasons that led me to purchase a M-iQ MEIKO machine can be summed up in a few key words,” continues Ghirardi:

“efficiency, technology, simplicity of use, and reliability.” In December 2011 Milan was getting ready to celebrate Christmas and the MEIKO technicians installed the dishwasher for the hotel to celebrate too!

Ghirardi is delighted with the cost savings achieved: “In terms of running costs the M-iQ offers real benefits over our previous machine. The annual savings are huge and we’ve calculated that the initial investment can be recouped in just three years.

“The M-iQ has slashed our monthly detergent costs by two-thirds and our energy consumption has fallen from 47 kWh to somewhere in the region of just 22 kWh.”

“We’re also spending 50% less on maintenance than with our previous machine. MEIKO recommends just two services a year and that’s proved to be exactly right. The machine hasn’t required any extra servicing outside that standard six-monthly schedule ever since we bought it.”

“Hilton Milan serves 300-400 covers a day – some 12,000-13,000 covers a month – so the wash-up area is a really important part of the hotel’s operations. Thanks to MEIKO we now have a wash-up area that is free from heat, humidity and noise. To give you some idea of what that means, my own home is hotter than the hotel’s wash-up area! One tangible result is that the two people who operate the machine are happier and working under far better conditions than before.”

Overall, Ghirardi is delighted: “Hilton Worldwide has chosen MEIKO and I would happily recommend MEIKO to anyone. There are plenty of machines on the market that are more expensive and less efficient – and unlike the M-iQ they don’t reach a point where they pay for themselves!”