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How much does a dishwashing machine consume? How to calculate the consumption?

How much does a dishwashing machine consume? What exactly is consumption and how can it be calculated? Is it possible to quantify these levels of consumption in advance, and are there virtuous behaviours or solutions that are really able to produce savings in this sense?

The operating costs of a dishwashing machine in operation of course varies based on a series of factors: from the technology it uses, energy class of the machine, to its size, to its technical specifications, from its type (small, large) to its obsolescence. However, the costs related to the consumption of the dishwashing machine are related to the amount of water used, electricity and the use of detergents. Add to these any costs related to the maintenance of the machine.

It is easy to understand how, by choosing a dishwashing machine of excellent quality, high energy certification, complete with advanced warewashing technologies and produced by a reliable brand, these levels of consumption can be significantly reduced. This result is certainly important for the dishwashing machines we use at home, but it becomes essential for professionals in the gastronomy: bars, trattorias, cafeterias, canteens, restaurants must be able to benefit from advanced machinery from the point of view of performance and efficient in terms of reducing consumption.

How much does a dishwashing machine consume in watts?

If we talk about calculating the consumption of the dishwashing machine, we must always start from the assumption that each machine is characterised by specific power expressed in watts or kilowatts. This information can be found by simply consulting the technical data sheet of the product, where the estimate of its consumption is usually also indicated.

The calculation to do to predict the consumption of the dishwasher is quite simple:

power x no. of operating hours = consumption (expressed in Wh or KWh)

This result will also make it possible to calculate the cost of electricity consumption:

Consumption in KWh x cost of electricity per KWH = average expenditure to be incurred

However, this is a general estimate, which does not take into account the fact that dishwashing machines do not always operate to their full potential, and that energy consumption is higher, especially in the first phase of washing, which involves heating the water inside the machine.

Returning to the subject of water consumption, in calculating the consumption of the dishwasher, reference should be made once again to the product sheet, and more specifically to the item "Water consumption/hour".

Consumption of dishwashing machine? What is declared by Meiko is always guaranteed!

Meiko, world leader in the most advanced washing solutions, guarantees and certifies the consumption of its dishwashing machines.

In practice, this means that what is stated in the technical data sheet of each machine is exactly the same as its actual consumption, which will never be exceeded. It is always possible to check the quantity of water used for each washing cycle in the dishwashing machines, as well as the quantity of detergents used and the kilowatts consumed.

Meiko produces dishwashing machines so advanced and designed in detail as to provide for reimbursement where the actual consumption is higher than that stated by the brand.

Certainly not something to be sniffed at!