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Latest generation dishwasher

MEIKO, a reliable and qualified brand in the sanitising sector, specialises in the production of the latest generation dishwashers. Staff members involved in the research and development department of our company have been able to consolidate their experience over the years, designing cutting-edge models and using new technologies released on the market, while being able to respond to the needs of the food service industry.

Restaurants, bars, school, company and hospital canteens, as well as ships and planes are the design target for our dishwashers to meet their needs at the suggestions of those who work in the sector; we develop a series of models able to promptly respond to every need.

Another distinctive element of the latest generation of dishwashers that we produce is attention to the environment and consumption, which is why we strive to create offerings that work in their favor. Reduced consumption means not only savings in terms of costs, but also implies reduced environmental emissions. MEIKO dishwashers have optional heat recovery devices that can reduce energy consumption by up to 21 %. Heat is recovered from exhaust air (AirConcept) or waste water, which is retained and reused to heat the water in the wash tank.

Last but not least is the innovative ergonomic concept of MEIKO dishwashers. While saving resources is important, so is staff motivation and well-being. For this reason, MEIKO has created an unprecedented concept of ergonomics: the automatic hood system and flexible display. The hood opens and closes by itself with a simple touch without any effort of the back and arms of the operator. If the display is positioned at eye level, the operator needs not repeatedly lower him/herself.

Latest generation MEIKO dishwashers: models to satisfy every customer

The latest generation of dishwashering machines are available in different versions to best meet the needs of the individual customer, whether it is a simple neighbourhood bar or high volume company canteen.

The models we offer can be classified according to the following types of dishwashing machines:



Each of these solutions ensures excellent performance not only with regard to consumption, but also with regard to the guaranteed level of cleanliness and sanitation. These systems are made to remove any residue of dirt or stains from any washed surface.

The latest generation of MEIKO dishwashing machines are safe and equipped with all certifications attesting to their safety, security and construction with quality, non-toxic materials. When we talk about these systems, we first and foremost refer to equipment designed to significantly reduce manual labor and use solutions that facilitate the washing of a large volume of crockery, permanently ensuring impeccable cleaning and high performance.

Punkt2 AirConcept M-iQ
Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

Heat recovery to enhance air qualitiy and energy efficiency

Butterfly dishwashing paradise
ErgonomicsComfort package

There is no need to even tap the hood with our automatic rack detection. Just insert the rack from the side and let the dishwashing machine do the rest.