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Professional hood type dishwashing machines

What are hood type dishwashing machines? Where is their use most suitable, and what advantages do they offer?

Hood type dishwashing machines represent real innovation in the world of professional food services in terms of cleaning and sanitizing dishes, glasses and pots in a simplified manner. Safe and easy to use, they are perfect for relieving the workload of employees who would otherwise have to repeatedly bend over to load and unload crockery. Back and muscle pain is a thing of the past!

Starting from this premise, it is easy to understand how the hood type dishwashing machines are revolutionary for accommodation facilities, restaurants and bars. These machines wash crockery at high temperatures and meet excellent hygienic standards. The combination of hot water and steam effectively remove food residue and dirt from crockery, as well as any bacteria that they may contain.

Equipped with an electronic hood, filtering system and guaranteeing the best possible energy savings, hood type dishwashing machines are easy and practical to use and occupy minimal space within the work area, without affecting other activities.

What are the advantages of using professional hood type dishwashing machines?

When it comes to professional dishwashing machines, the advantages of use are too long to list. They not only offer savings in terms of the time and energy of operators, but also provide excellent levels of cleanliness compared to manual washing.

Hood type dishwashing machines offer the following advantages:

  • Simplification and speeding up of dishwashing operations
  • Energy and cost savings
  • High sanitation standards
  • External structure in stainless steel with a sleek and elegant design
  • Smaller size in relation to the volume of single-wash crockery
  • Channeling of vapours in its upper section, reducing those present in the work area
  • Equipped with practical removable racks
  • Upper and lower rotating washing and rinsing arms
  • Dispenser for rinse aids
  • Adjustable hood height to facilitate washing large items of crockery.

MEIKO hood type dishwashing machines: models to meet every need

With its many years of experience in the field, MEIKO offers its customers a multitude of models of hood type dishwashing machines to best meet their individual needs. Whether it's restaurants, bars, canteens and small, medium or large food services areas, MEIKO is able to satisfy your individual needs in offering solutions designed and adapted for individual environments.

Our hood type dishwashing machines can be classified into two main models:

  • M-iClean H the most innovative and ergonomic model, capable of ensuring maximum washing quality.
  • UPster®H, the budget, user-friendly model.

If you seek a proven partner in choosing a professional hood type dishwashing machines to use in your business and want to know which models are most suitable, you can contact us and we will work together to find the best solution.