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Restaurant dishwashers: which should you choose?

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Food services operators and kitchen staff constantly question: how do I choose a restaurant dishwasher model, and which do I choose?

The choice is not easy, given the wide range of models on the market; it is wise to research and evaluate the needs of the individual business in detail in order to choose the most suitable type.

The capacity of dishwashers themselves, their type, operation and guaranteed standards of hygiene are inevitably factors of paramount importance in choosing the best restaurant dishwasher.

Which are the best dishwashers for food services? What are the most suitable dishwashers for use in small, medium and large restaurants? There are a few factors to consider in order to simplify the selection process.

Factors to consider when choosing restaurant dishwashers

Each business is different from another in terms of size, organization and regular volume of customers, which is why a model of dishwasher suitable for one restaurant may be too large or too small for another.

When making a choice, it is recommended that certain factors that could help in selecting the most suitable model be taken into consideration.

  • Space available for the installation of the machinery, which is an extremely important factor. Identifying the area to place the food services dishwasher is the first step towards a conscious and researched choice. A model that is too large could negatively impact the ergonomics of the business, or be too small and not meet the need of a greater volume of crockery.
  • Size of the business, or the volume of customers, in assessing if the same can be identified as small, medium or large and, consequently, opting for a model that can manage the right amount of crockery
  • Type of dishware to be washed, if it is small or particularly bulky, with the aim selecting a model that is suitable in size
  • Cost, or the available budget to be allocated to the purchase of a dishwasher for food services
  • Guaranteed energy savings, to compensate for the expenditure with a clear reduction in consumption both as regards the use of water and electricity, as well as detergents, rinse aids and manual labour.
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There is no need to even tap the hood with our automatic rack detection. Just insert the rack from the side and let the dishwashing machine do the rest.

MEIKO and restaurant dishwasher models to choose from

MEIKO offers a wide range of models and types of dishwashers for food services. All are of excellent quality, extremely practical and functional, and above all able to ensure excellent standards of hygiene and disinfection, and differ in terms of their model and operating mechanism.

Our restaurant dishwashers are divided into:

  • Hood type dishwashing machines are perfect for washing dishes of considerable size while occupying minimum space
  • Warewashers, available in different models, are able to accommodate even particularly bulky dishware without negatively affecting the work area
  • Industrial conveyor belt dishwashers are extremely cumbersome solutions that are particularly suitable for restaurants and canteens that see large volumes of customers, which are even perfect on cruise ships and in hospitals
  • Rack type dishwashing machines are also indicated for large-sized accommodation facilities that see a large flow of customers on a daily basis.

These models differ in terms of their capacity and type of operation, but are all able to ensure excellent performance along with the ease and practicality of use. Choosing one of the above restaurant dishwashers will not only free staff from the task of manually washing crockery, but also achieve much higher hygienic standards.