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FV 60.2 commercial dishwasher

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The FV 60.2 commercial dishwasher has been replaced by the M-iClean U. Please click here for more information on the M-iClean U.

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A genuine, all-round commercial dishwasher to meet a wide range of requirements. This commercial dishwasher washes not only dishes and glasses but also – a first for this category – large transport containers, baskets, and trays of up to 600 x 400 mm. Therefore perfectly suited to bakeries with their own cafés or butcher’s shops that also offer snacks, for example. 

Wash and rinse arms made of CrNi steel tube with additional nozzles in the wash tank Extension

Your advantages:

  • Outstanding wash and rinse results – even in the hardest-to-reach corners
  • Robust, solid design for industrial use
  • Can cope with even heavy dirt

Integrated central basket/container guides

Your advantages:

  • Reliable guidance of transport containers
  • Dish baskets and transport containers can be washed in rotation

Tank heater installed in tank

Your advantages:

  • High performance
  • Optimum effectiveness (tank temperature)
  • Highest hygiene safety

AktivPlus” drain filter System

Your advantages:

  • Outstanding cleaning result thanks to tank water filtered several times
  • Reliable extraction of dirt thanks to cyclical fine filter backrinsing
  • Reliability of circulating pump through additional suction sieve with integrated dirt collection channel
  • Tank cover sieve with dirt extraction in the AktivPlus fine filter

Floor trough with Aqua-Stop System

Your advantages:

  • Extremely high operating reliability thanks to automatic leak control
  • Protection of all installed parts (dirt and splash water)
  • System of protection IP X5

Free discharge section including pressure increase pump

Your advantages:

  • Just 0.6 bar on-site flow pressure will suffice for operation
  • Constant rinse temperature throughout rinsing process
  • Rinse results independent of pressure of water supply
  • Meets the highest safety standards

Integrated dosing unit incl. container with electronic level monitoring for detergent and rinse aid

Your advantages:

  • Fully equipped
  • No additional storage space required for detergent/rinse aid
  • Functional and hygiene safety

Connection set (water, waste water, electrics)

Your advantages:

  • Fast, low-cost start-up
  • Any drain height up to 700 mm thanks to integrated drain pump
  • Ready to connect”


Your advantages:

  • lowest water consumption 
  • lowest operating costs.
EWS - reduced amount of water and energy required
Top hygiene with energy and water saving

Top hygiene with minimum water consumption

fine filtration system - AktivPlus
Cost-cutting filter system for dishwashing equipment

MEIKO's cost-cutting filter system